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Testimonials from the Community

5 Stars - My daughter has been taking guitar lessons at Minton’s for 6 years, and I can’t say enough about the positive experience we’ve had during that time. The Minton family are passionate about music education, and they truly care about the students. They hire highly qualified teachers, and they are also flexible and helpful when it comes to scheduling. We have been so pleased with our daughter’s progress in guitar, as well as the experience she’s had at Minton’s with their student band, The Purple Voyagers. ~J Battaglia 2024


5 Stars - I have nothing to complaint my daughter enjoys her music so much here. We are appreciated Mr. Minton inspires her to go further. ~HJ Weaver 2023


5 Stars from ~The Valentini Family 2023


Our Daughter takes violin lessons here. It’s family owned and everyone is very kind and works hard to make sure things are a high standard. ~TheBraceygirl 2023

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Ran by great people, would recommend to anyone. ~LPatient


Great environment, with such a friendly vibe! Worked there for a year, they are really encouraging with all students, and there's something for everybody to learn. ~SVedamtam


Wonderful facilities, teachers and recitals! A great place to learn! ~KSteadman


Minton’s is family owned and you can tell! They absolutely love what they do and are dedicated to their students! ~CGabriella


Great school to learn music! You will acquire all the tools you need to be able to play your chosen instrument ,while learning in a fun and supportive atmosphere.Hands down best music school in Northern Virginia. ~KBell

We would highly recommend Mintons to anyone in the area who is interested in taking music lessons. ~Lisa W~ 2021

This is the perfect place to teach children the ins and outs of music. Best of all, it’s wonderfully staffed. If I could give a 10/10, I would! ~Rebecca E~ 2020

This place is great for both children and adults to learn not only the fundamentals of music, but also to hone in on skills and learn something new. The staff are all very helpful and the teachers are understanding and compassionate about their jobs.

~Duna Q~ 2020

It's run by great folks who care a lot about their students. Never had a problem with any of the family that runs the place. ~Kyle P~ 2020

Ran by great people, would recommend to anyone ~Leah~ 2020

We love Mintons Academy of Music! The musician knowledge of each teacher is impeccable and all teachers are kind, patient, and motivated to teach each child the quality of music theory and having fun while doing it!! ~DD~ 2020

Great environment, with such a friendly vibe! Worked there for a year, they are really encouraging with all students, and there's something for everybody to learn. ~Sankeerthna V~ 2020

Wonderful facilities, teachers and recitals! A great place to learn! ~Klondike S~ 2020

My child took piano lessons here for about eight years and I am very happy with the academy, the teachers, and what my child learned. I highly recommend Minton's Academy of Music for anyone wishing to learn how to play an instrument and read music.

~Debbie J~ 2020

It’s obvious they have a deep rooted love for music and a passion for sharing their expertise. ~T Scott~ 2020

Minions Music is the Best! Treat everybody like family, the most loving and kind people! ~Allie P~ 2020

Great place everyone makes you feel at home! ~Amanda P~ 2020

Minton’s is family owned and you can tell! They absolutely love what they do and are dedicated to their students!

~Chelsea G~ 2020

Mintons Academy of music is owned and operated by an amazing, caring, hardworking and honest family. They go above and beyond to give you the best learning experience in a caring and compassionate setting. I highly recommend them for all you your musical needs. ~Callie ~ 2020


Dear Mrs. Minton,  This is Anne, Cherri Chen’s mom, hope you still remember. As Cherri received full scholarship to Percussion Performance major to multiple colleges, and a decision to attend Frost School of Music of UM in the fall, we would like to drop this message to you, and forever missed Mr. Minton, Cherri’s first teacher. She was only 5 years old when we first stopped by the studio looking for piano teacher, which changed to a drum trail lesson with Mr. Minton, and become his youngest student. Mr. Minton took her into the percussion world which later on got her first Chair in school, and all the way to win all state through middle and high school.  Hopefully will become a successful professional percussionist in the near future.

We still watching her elementary school talent show videos on the drum set, and still remember the first recital at Minton’s.


Thanks for all these unforgettable memories, we will stop by in person when this whole quarantine lifts. Please take care.   ~Best regards, Anne~ 2020

Mintons Academy of music is owned and operated by an amazing, caring, hardworking and honest family. They go above and beyond to give you the best learning experience in a caring and compassionate setting. I highly recommend them for all you your musical needs. ~Melissa Jean~ 2019

Great school to learn music! You will acquire all the tools you need to be able to play your chosen instrument ,while learning in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Hands down best music school in Northern Virginia. ~Kurt Bell~ 2019

My Son takes piano lessons at Mintons Academy and he loves it here. The school is a wonderful environment for music education. Their attention to detail from starting on time to communicating upcoming events, recitals, etc. is great. His piano teacher Sarah is exceptionally well trained, on time, very patient and gives 110% during the lesson.

~Prakash Gorugantu~ 2019

Minton's Music has been a great gift to our family. We have been with them for over 8 years. My son has learned to play the piano beautifully, starting at age 6. My daughter enjoys her voice lessons. Excellent music school and teachers.

~T.Boyer~ December 2018


Mintons Music is a great place! We have been with Mintons Music for past 7 years. Mintons Music is very friendly and teachers are very professional. My daughter has learned to play the piano beautifully. My daughter loved going to every class. They have a wide selection of teachers to work with students of different abilities. Overall, it is a great place for learning music.

~Ramya Gopal~ December 2018


I have been going to Minton's Music Academy for about 5 years now and I love it so much. The teachers are so nice and helpful and I have really found my calling in music. The teachers help you love and understand music at your own pace. Minton's is a very welcoming environment with a homey feeling. I feel like I'm apart of their family when I walk in and that they care about how everything is going and if I like it here. 10/10 would definitely recommend Minton's Music Academy to everyone (all ages) if you are interested in learning an instrument/vocals.

~Karina~ March 2018


Amazing music experience. Been taking lessons for four years and have never been let down. The music school has a family atmosphere and everyone is very nice and welcoming. I love Mintons!

~Kyra Campbells~ March 2018


My 5 y/o son became obsessed with the Legend of Zelda, especially the Ocarina of Time. I wanted to get him an ocarina for his birthday, but didn't want him blowing random sounds and making me crazy. Knowing that he wouldn't let me try to teach him based on YouTube videos (He's stubborn), we called around. Mintons spoke to one of their teachers, Ms. Shannon, who agreed to give my son lessons. Because it's a simple instrument and we aren't looking for mastery, they suggested just one month of lessons should be plenty. My son now knows enough to not make me crazy, and has dipped his toe into music. Which is all I really wanted and needed.
My son loved his teacher, she was very kind and sweet. She went out of her way to find the specific songs he wanted to learn how to play, and recognized when he just wanted to have some fun. He is now expressing interest in learning violin, which we may consider if he stays interested, and we would likely come back to Mintons.
I appreciate management working with me for a simple plan, too.

~Jennifer Wiggins~ March 2018


Minton's Academy of Music is a fantastic center for kids or adults to learn to play the instrument of their choice. They have a wide selection of teacheers to work with that will help you achieve your music goals. This Family business never disappoints.

~Ben~ February 2018


For the better half of three years the staff at Minton's Academy have been very accommodating of my sons hectic schedule. We've always seen the same teacher and she's wonderful with him.

~Anthony~ February 2018


During my five years attending piano classes at Mintons Music, I have learned so much in terms of my technique, dynamics, style, patience, perseverance, and other skills that coalesce to create a musician. I have learned to appreciate other types of music besides the modern music that surrounds children today, and taking classes here has made music a very important part of my life. I could not have asked for a better experience.

~A~ January 2018


Our kids take piano and flute lessons at Mintons Music. We have been going here for about three years and they really enjoy their teachers. We have found them to be extremely patient, dedicated to teaching and very professional. My belief is that a student, no matter what the subject, will learn better if he or she has developed a connection with their teacher, that is very much the case here. We are very happy with everything and most importantly, our kids are learning music while having fun.

In addition, the Mintons are extremely flexible with make-up lessons which helps us tremendously given the fact that inevitably one or more after school or summer activities end up conflicting with their scheduled lesson times.

~Sonny~ February 2017


My kids began taking lessons to Mintons Academy of Music since 2009. We have had a great experience with the teachers and the school. It has been such a rewarding experience for our family to see our kids grow and make great progress every day. They are now successfully playing in the band program and love it. I would highly recommend Mintons Academy of Music to anyone.

~Kreda Boci January 2017


I would really like to thank Minton's Academy of Music for all these years for their support and encouragement. Sarena is very thankful and blessed that she had teachers like Larry Minton, Dan and Jesus. She continues her journey with music in her high school rock band. Last week, they were the Judge's pick in their group in Loudoun county's Battle of the Bands competition. They are preparing for the final competition in April and also preparing to perform at the Loudoun Youth Festival. All this wouldn't have been possible without the love of music that her teachers in Minton's passed on to her. Thanks again for everything.   ~Navneet, Sarena's Dad~ March 2017


My son has been going to Mintons's Music since 2010. All the teachers my son had so far are awsome. Currently my son is taking classes with Mr. Chris, Mr. Chris is very nice & is a wonderful teacher. Mr. & Mrs. Minton are very nice people. Mrs. Minton is very accommodating, we could change schedules during summer without any hassles. I will highly recommend Mintons's Music. ~Ratan Mohanty~ June 2015


My son Preston has been a student at Minton's for 5 years. He has really enjoyed it and is learning all the time. They have a nice balance of pushing their students to do their best and get to the next level while also finding time to have fun. At a lesson Preston was asked of a current song that he enjoyed and they printed out the music for him to work on. He has been in All District band 3 times and is now the percussion captain of his high school marching band! We love Mr. Dan and Mr. Minton. Mintons's is also very willing to work with you for rescheduling lessons due to conflicts, vacations, or illness. You can have a make-up lesson up to 6 months from your missed lesson as long as you give them 1-2 days notice. We enjoy talking with the Minton's about their music experiences and the exposure to a variety of genres. ~Sarah Newland~ June 2015


I have two sons that have been taking lessons with Mintons Music since 2011. My older son plays the drums. He started with Mr. Minton and now takes lessons with Dan. He has grown into an extremely confident drummer. He knows that if he needs help on a piece that Dan will work with him until he gets it. He looks forward to his lesson each week. My younger son plays the guiter. He takes lessons with Mr. Jeremy. This year he made it into the jazz band and switched to bass guitar. Mr. Jeremy helped him pick it up quickly and helped him with the music all year. He is a confident guitar player. Mrs. Minton is so considerate. She helps schedule all make ups. She keeps us in mind when a time becomes available that could be more convenient for us. Mr. Mintons continues to encourage and challenge my older son.  My sons have become confident musicians with goals for themselver. We love Mintons! I would definitely recommend them. ~Laurie Greenbaum~ May 2015


My daughter has been taking music class (piano/voice) since 2010. Mr. and Mrs. Minton are great. They care about the kids. The music teachers are superb. My daughter loves her music teachers. We love Minton's Academy of Music. ~Tricia Ualat-Guardado~ May 2015


My kids began taking lessons at Mintons Academy of Music since 2009. We have had a great experience with the teachers and the school. It has been such a rewarding experience for our family to see our kids grow and make great progress every day. They are now successfully playing in the band program and love it. I would highly recommend Mintons Academy of Music to anyone. ~Kreda Boci~ May 2015


My son has been taking drum lessons at Minton's for about four years, first with Dan and now with Mr. Minton. My son has enjoyed each lesson he's had and has gone from a new player to a confident, skilled drummer. Both Mrs. Minton and Max who work the desk have always been kind and respectful and so very helpful; because of high school marching band season we've had numerous reschedules! I highly recommend this business as professional, caring and a great value/asset to the Ashburn community. ~Sherrye Willbanks~ April 2015


I began coming to Mr. Minton about 6 months ago in need of bass lessons. I already knew how to play the bass, just not how to read music. After about 2 months with my teacher Chris, I was already excelling in my sight reading. This year alone, I've joined the Jazz band, confirmed playing bass guitar in the Falcon Regiment from 2015-2016. I've also joined Jazz class for next year. This year my band, Deep Creek, succeeded at Youthfest and earned 2nd place with the fan favorite vote. I accomplished all these things because of my lessons at Mintons. Not forgetting the fact that Mr. Minton and Mrs. Minton have gone far and beyond my wildest expectations. Mr. Minton helped my band and I practice stage presence by graciously offering us help for a full hour for free. This musicial experience is one that I will never forget. I recommend anyone to come to Mintons Academy of Music. I am eternally grateful for all the help I have, and continue to receive.

~Nick Mai~ April 2015


Hello! My name is Justin Willbanks, current drummer of the Loudon Youthfest finalist Deep Creek. Four years ago, I was trying to avoid a boring summer, and decided to take drum lessons, a lifelong desire. This may sound cheesy and over the top, but literally, when I stepped foot in Minton's Academy of Music, my life changed. Under the instruction of first Daniel Perriello, and then Larry Minton, I was able to push myself beyond my thoughts and really blossom as a musician. For the first time in my life, I felt passionate about something. I actually enjoyed music and developed a love for the craft. Since then, through work with Mr. Minton I have joined my church's young band, played in the pit orchestra for my school's play, created my own bands, played in various jazz ensembles, earned a spot in the BWHS symphonic winds, (the top ensemble) played mallots, bass drum numbers 3 and 4, and tenor drums in the drumline of the BWHS Falcon Regiment. ~Justin Willbanks~ April 2015


I am so impressed with my daughters knowledge of the flute in such a short amount of time. Ms. Shannon is a wonderful teacher. ~Mary~ Oct 2013


My son has been going to Minton's Music for almost a year now, I couldn't have been happier that we took a decision to join Minton's music school. My son is learning piano and he is getting better every day. Location is extremely convenient and his teacher Ms. Hailey is awesome. He loves her a lot and so do we :) I would recommend this School to anyone looking for professional yet personal school and rest assured they will take care. This time during recital we had vocals, violin as well, and I was amazed at what I saw. Teachers must be putting in so much efforts with these kids for them to play instruments with such ease at young age. ~Anupama~


My kids take piano and guitar lessons here. They are happy with their teachers and the staff is generally friendly and flexible with rescheduling classes. We are planning on sticking around for a while. ~Ravi~


My daughter has taken lesson at Mintons Academy of Music for the past 5 years and we continue to love our great experience with the school, we didn't even consider change school after moved 30 miles away, and now my younger daughter started piano lesson there too. They have always been polite, professional and made music learning fun to young kids. Would recommend them any time! ~Annie~


I've been going to Minton's Academy of Music for almost 6 years now. Mr. Minton is a great teacher, he is fun and I have learned so much from him. Mr. Minton teaches on a drum set instead of a drumming pad. Learning drumming from him has been very memorable and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Thank you Mr. Minton for being my drum teacher.


~Hunter~Through attending violin lessons at Mintons Academy of Music I was able to gain a further understanding as well as more knowledge of my instrument. The people here are very friendly and supportive, not to mention helpful. ~Rachel~


I LOVE the flexibility you give us. My daughter has had a wonderful experience! Love the recitals. ~Jen~Just a quick note to say thank you for the work you did with the boys on their band. I'm incredibly impressed with how much they've improved and matured as a group. ~Dean~


The My son has been attending Mintons Academy of Music for the past 5 years, and is learning drums. He enjoys going to the classes, and has learnt a lot attending Mintons Music. Mrs. Minton is very accomodating when we need to reschedule classes and is very understanding. We did a lot of research before joining the music school. Mintons Music is the best in Northern Virginia and I would recommend the school to all the parents and students. My son was part of the "Rock Band" and learned a lot about playing in a band. My daughter is also joining the music scholl in June to learn violin. ~Suresh~


Honest and reliable school! I have two sons taking lessons at Mintons, drums and guitar. They have learned so much and they love the school. Mintons is always adding new programs for the kids. Way to go Mintons, we love you! ~C~


Thank you for everything you did to help Anna learn piano :) ~The Woody's~


The Musik Kids program is wonderful! Mr. Minton and his staff do an excellent job teaching the kids about music. ~Lori~


We are very happy at Mintons Music! We moved our children to Mintons from another music school in the area and within the 1st two months I could see a difference in their playing. They read music now and they have rhythm! Thanks Mintons Music. ~ Kathy~


Dear Mintons Music, thank you for always begin so flexible. With the kids in so many things you are always willing to help us. ~Kristen~


"I was very impressed with your son on vocals and the two guitarists doing the song as the finale, with Larry driving the band on drums. That is the first time I have seen Larry play a real song, with other musicians, and I must admit it was brillant.You really have some talent connected with the "Mintons" studio and you should both be very proud of how you have enabled both adults and youth to learn and enjoy music. I feel very fortunate to have you as my teacher, Larry. Thank you again for making me feel so welcome.~ Ian ~


"Thank you for the lessons you and Larry provide for Colin. You are both Great!!!" ~ Karen ~


"Our kids have enjoyed their instructors, had fun, learned a lot, and have a new appreciation and passion for their respective musical instruments. We are also very happy to see Mintons Music grow from your townhome to a successful small Ashburn business. We hope that in some way, with our flexibility and support, we contributed to your early success." ~ O.Cabrisses ~


"Our daughter began taking drum lessons with Larry Minton at Minton’s Music in 2003. Our expectations were greatly surpassed! Not only is she well-trained in reading music, she has become an excellent percussionist and her self-confidence has soared. Larry Minton treats his student’s with respect and is an excellent teacher and musician. We wouldn’t take lessons anywhere else! Thank you Larry and AnnMarie!" J&D Adkins ~ Jan 2004


"Sam really looks forward to his lessons with Larry!" ~ J.Fisher ~


"Larry, I am so ready to start Drum lessons -- you are a great teacher! I can't wait for our performance Monday night! I can't believe how much fun I'm having playing drums!" ~ Nancy ~


"Thanks so much for everything. Josh has really enjoyed learning from Kurt." ~ Debbie ~


"Mintons Music has helped both my children with their music! Thanks for all the support. " ~ B.Davis~


"BJ has enjoyed his lessons and Andrew has done a fine job. We wish you continued blessings in your new studio!" ~ Barb ~


"Thanks for your help...Nathan really enjoys his lessons!" ~ Jo-Ann ~


"We appreciate all you have done, Colin has enjoyed his time and learned a lot from Larry. Thank you & Best wishes " ~ Karen & Colin~


"We are moving back to Europe in June. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much because Daima had a lot of fun with her teacher Maryann. " ~ M. Speck~


"I find Kurt to be a superb teacher! I will strongly recommend Minton's and Kurt for music lessons. " ~ G. White~


"My Rock n' Roll Fantasy Birthday Party was the best birthday party I ever had!" ~ Noah~


"Dear Larry & AnnMarie, We want to thank you for all you have done for Andrew this year. You have so gone beyond teaching to helping him develop his skills in ways that would be beneficial for school. Also thank you so much for organizing and guiding the new band - my favorite name is "Mintons Minions"! ~Naren & Greg Law~


"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Minton, Thank you for having the band over free of charge and helping me out with last years auditions." ~ Andrew~


"Dear Mr. Minton, Thank you for teaching me how to play the drums you are a great teacher!" ~ Joey Drake~ 2002


"Dear Larry, Thank you so much for filling in last Sunday at APC. You're an awesome drummer & great teacher too! Thank you so much. God Bless you my friend." ~ Kristi~ 2002


"Larry, Thank you so much for instructing me and the gang on the drums. Because of you I accomplished (and will continue to develop my skills) my goal. Learning to "play & count" and just having a good time with you was a blast. Thanks for everything! Your the best!" ~Patricia~ 2002


"Dear Larry and AnnMarie, Thank you so much for two wonderful years of drum lessons. My original goal was to just get familiar with the drum set, to share in my son's passion for percussion. Well, thanks to you I have wildly surpassed that goal and I shall forever proudly consider myself to be a "Drummer Chick"! It has truly been a blast! ~Nancy~ 2002

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